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  • Newton vs. Einstein

    Einstein I showed that very massive bodies warp time amd space in their vicinity Newton My theories are routinely used to predict the ocean tides Newton I described how planets orbit the sun using simple equations Einstein I predicted black holes, worm holes, and other mind-bending concepts that are frequently… VIEW ESSAY

  • Development of the Atomic Theory

    Democritus He named the atom for the Greek word atomos meaning "indivisible" in 450 B.C. He originated the idea that all matter is made of some elemental particle. John Dalton In 1803, he revived the atomic theory of matter. He stated 4 postulates: • Each element is composed of extremely… VIEW ESSAY

  • Moonwalking with Einstein Review

    Tony Buzan Tony Buzan is the "memory guru." He has written several books and travels the globe, making tons of money, preaching his idea of a memory revolution. He believes that memorizing is gone about all wrong in Western education, and believes his methods of memorizing will change the world.… VIEW ESSAY

  • Arsenic and Old Lace unit test

    What is the setting of the play? During what historic period does this plat take place? The play takes place in the Brewster home in Brooklyn, NY during the 1940's. This is during the World War 2 era. Describe Teddy. Who is he? Who does he resemble? Teddy s a… VIEW ESSAY

  • Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity

    What was Einstein's DOB and DOD? 1879 - 1955 What was Galileo's Principle of Relativity? All observers who move uniformly relative to each other are equal,and no absolute state of motion can be attributed to any observer What was James Clerk Maxwell's DOB and DOD? 1831 -1879 What did Maxwell… VIEW ESSAY

  • Einstein Electricity unit

    Conductor Materials that allow electricity to follow through them Insulator Materials that doesn't allow electricity to follow through them Battery A device that can produce an electric current as a result of a chemical change Electric Current a flow of electric charge through something Filament a thin wire that becomes… VIEW ESSAY

  • PSYC 250–Chapter 6: Development of Language and Symbol Use

    4 Theories of Language Development: 1.) Nativist theories 2.) Learning Theory 3.) Interactionist Theories 4.) Connectionists views *ALL vary on the extent if influence from nature & nurture* Nativist Theories 1.) Noam Chomsky 2.) Language is not taught (can't be learned through reinforcement punishment) 3.) It is produced by a… VIEW ESSAY

  • Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein Awarded nobel piece prize in 1921. Discovered the meaning of relativity. On the electrodynamics of moving bodies. John Baird He was a scotish egineer. First person to transmit images to and from London and New York. He introduces his telavision that he made in 1926. Amelia Earhart Took… VIEW ESSAY


    Individuals with distorted perceptions of reality causing them to feel anxious, frightened, or confused may suffer from: Schizophrenia agoraphobia Fear of open spaces phobia Excessive fear of anything arachnophobia Fear of spiders claustrophobia Fear of closed spaces Individuals going through dramatic mood shifts in short periods of time may be… VIEW ESSAY

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