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Expensive purchase Essay

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I bought my first laptop when I was doing my bachelors and when the circuits shorted out on the laptop and the engineer at the service center told me that it would be too expensive to replace the motherboard, I had to make a decision as to whether I was going to buy a second laptop or a desktop. My first laptop had been Toshiba and I had been to the service center several times in the past to get replacements for the first laptop now and then. All that time the service center had provided a level of service that was beyond reproach.

As a result when I found out that the first laptop was not going to work any more, I did not go shopping any more. I began to check out the prices at the sales center that was also part of the service center. There was one model of Toshiba that was particularly cheap and I immediately purchased that model knowing full well that if anything went wrong, the people here provided great after sales service. But still, immediately after purchase I began to have doubts as to whether I had done the right thing. But the doubts began to evaporate as I began to use the model which had several additional features that the previous model did not have.

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The service center sent me a letter of appreciation a few days later to thank me for the purchase and to assure me of their continuing cooperation. Now all doubts were laid to rest. It is clear from the above that I had developed a brand loyalty for Toshiba. When the first laptop stopped working finally, I could have gone shopping for other models such as Dell. But I decided to stay with Toshiba because they had provided such wonderful support during the four and a half years that I had used the first laptop.

Toshiba representatives had always been there to give me advice on how to best proceed whenever I needed a decision to make about replacing some part of the previous laptop. This makes me think that computer hardware manufacturers must focus on making their after sales services the best that they can. This area represents the core of competitiveness in the computer hardware manufacturing industry. An important factor that helped to resolve my doubts about making such an expensive purchase was also the warranty.

There were lots of second-hand laptops available which were much cheaper. But if something went wrong with those laptops, then there would not be any services available to fix the problems. Toshiba had provided such great services during the years I had used the first laptop that I had no doubts that the best thing to do was to buy a second Toshiba laptop. The process by which Toshiba had gained a loyal customer like me was to follow the marketing strategy of providing not only a product of high quality but also high quality support throughout the life-cycle of the product.

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