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Assignment International Business Management

Instruction * Complete with your team (ca. 3 students) the assignments and case. Please use the answer form in doing so. * Please hand in your final version before the tutorial of 110 minutes (T3) by uploading it to the sharepoint site of the course Marketing. * Dont forget to bring a hardcopy version of…

Some advantages and disadvantages of a questionnaire

All lecturers come in contact with questionnaires whether it is the standard end of year course questionnaire or one that is used in research. These questionnaires come in many different forms from: factual to opinion based, from tick boxes to free text responses. Whatever their form, questionnaires are often viewed as quick and easy to…


In The Bazaars of Hyderabad is a vibrant, colorful poem describing the bazaars of Hyderabad. This poem was written during the British Rule when Indians were asked to boycott foreign products and buy goods from traditional Indian bazaars. During this time, publication of Indian newspapers was banned so she might have thought the best way…



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Survey and question design

Initial design considerations Before you design your survey Clearly articulate the goals of your survey. Why are you running a survey? What, specifically, will you do with the survey results? How will the information help you improve your customer’s experience with your agency? Make sure that each question will give you the right kind of…

Chapter 3 – Research Paper

This study is a descriptive research and uses a survey method. Questionnaire will be used in gathering data to accumulate information and data regarding the effects of being fluent in English, whether it is advantageous or disadvantageous and if it is true that it causes a change in the usage of the Filipino language. In…

Business Model Generation

In the first 3 chapters of the Business Model Generation (Osterwalder and Pigneur) book, the authors describe and analyze the canvas, patterns, and design of successful business models. After carefully reading and understanding these chapters, answer these research questions: RQ1 What is a Business Model? At least 2 paragraphs. RQ2 According to the Business Model…

Journal: Mock Interview

The mock interview was a great chance for me because it was the real process of how in the real world interviews are conduct. In this interview I took a time to observe myself how I actually did it for example my body language and how I behaved during the interview. This was the first…

A Summary of “Opinions and Social Pressure”

In “Opinions and Social Pressure,” social psychologist Solomon Asch conducted a study to discover the influences a majority may have on individuals. Solomon Asch discovered a vast amount of people conformed under group pressure, as well as discovered others may also go against the unanimous majority. Like many of his colleagues, Solomon Asch wanted to…

Directed Writing

Judging from the letter you sent me last week, you seemto be doing just fine. I would like to apologize for not writing sooner; the ton ofholiday homework I received from school made it virtually impossible for me topen a reply any sooner than today.My answer to your question would definitely be a yes. I…

The Technical Support Clerk

Melissa Claire works as a technical support representative at a call center for a major computer manufacturer. Her duties include answering the telephone, answering technical questions, troubleshooting customer problems, and providing other general information and guidance to customers. Her supervisor told her to be courteous and not to rush callers. However, the supervisor also told…

The Answer of Unity

In “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,’ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. forms a rational and well grounded argument for direct action, non-violent civil rights campaigning in the specific context of the open letter “A Call for Unity. ” Through both form and function, Dr. King fleshed out the reasons for his approach with the hope…

Questioning Techniques

Questioning techniques are the skills to help a person get information from another person or a group of people, these formulas will give you the directions and paths appropriate to use depending on how much information you want from the answer. They can influence the outcome of the answer, you can ask a question intending…

Critical thinking

(i) Compound argument is one claim made up by two claims with using “or” or “and” to combine the two claims in the sentence. The argument has multiplicity on at least one side of the statement. For example, apple is not orange or apple could not make an orange Juice. Although there are two claims…

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